Episode 041: Tagalongs & Tapeworms

On this magical episode of your favorite podcast, the gang dives head first into Joe’s medical issue update, we talk about a entrepreneurial young Girl Scout, and so much more….be listening.

Episode 040: Be Nice…

On this 40th episode of the #1 rated podcast among dive bar bouncers, the gang discuses the shit weather hitting the North-East, the Richie Incognito/Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, the news about Michael Sam, and most importantly, we get an update on Joe’s health saga…be listening Outro:

Episode 039 – WTP Buyers Club

On this very special episode of the highest rated podcast among Mt. Everest Sherpa, the gang dives into Joe’s ongoing health drama, we jump into the unreported attacks on the power grid, Dallas Buyers Club, the failings of Sochi, and so much more…be listening.

Episode 038 – You’re Gonna Miss Me

On this monumental episode of Kim Jong Un’s favorite podcast, the gang talks about Super Bowl pregame coverage sucks, we apologize for our last drunken bitcoin talk (blame Sean), and we get to hear what’s “shaking” with Joe’s recent health scare…be listening Links: Everything you wanted to know about Bitcoins (JRE Podcast) Outro Music: 13th […]

Episode 036 – “Don’t Call Me Bourbon, Whiskey”

On this fine episode of your mother’s favorite podcast, the gang talks NFL Playoff Football, we review some of our favorite podcasts, we delve into the fiasco in Fort Lee, NJ and so much more…be listening Podcasts We Listen To: Ice T: Final Level The Joe Rogan Experience  The Church of Whats Happening Now The […]

Episode 035 – Deep Freeze

On the first show of 2014, the gang laments about the recent cold snap, we talk playoff football, we read off some of the latest Amazon purchases, and we talk about Joe’s obession with marathon television programming. Be listening… Outro:

Episode 032 – Walker 3:16; Too Fast, Too Furious

In this special holiday episode of the #1 rated podcast in the known galaxy, the gang talks about the tragic demise of a great man, Al’s participation in the Reddit Gifts 2013 Secret Santa Gift Exchange, Joe’s Tips for Shopping for your man, football & Nelson Mandela. Be listening… Brazilian Soccer Riot Outro Music: Reignwolf […]