Episode 050: Bowling Alley Balls

On this magical episode of your favorite podcast, your friends Joe, Al & Sean take a trip down memory lane, recounting stories of our youth while we contemplate our demise. Be listening…

Episode 046: Umläuts make everything more metal

On this heartwarming episode of the greatest podcast in the known universe, the gäng tälks umlauts, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and the episode “Wrath of the Khans” , we follow up on some listener email, and Seän and Jöe talk football….be listening.

Episode 045 – “Comrade” Mike Palladino

On this uplifting episode of your favorite podcast, Joe discusses his trip to the eye doctor, his ideas for a grocery store checkout person rating system, and we interview our friend and sponsor, Mike Palladino of Evolution Grappling Academy, who is fresh off his latest adventure in Russia. Remember, in Mother Russia, podcast listen to […]

Episode 043 – Afternoon Delight

On this groundbreaking episode of your favorite podcast, we delve into Joe’s ongoing health issues, we solve the missing airliner issue, Joe and Sean talk football and so much more. Be listening…